Must Have Ready

  • CV

  • Pilot Logbook

  • Reference List

"" The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”


- H. Jackson Brown Jr

Good to Have

  • Copy of Flight Crew License

  • Copy of Medical Certificate


  • Copy of Passport


  • 6 Passport size photographs with a white background- JPG/JPEG


  • Marriage Certificate(if applicable)


  • License Verification Letter (From CAA)


  • Personal work reference


  • Experience (Service) letter from any Employer

  • All certificates or waivers in case of existing illness/disability, full medical report

  • Training certificates (SEP, CRM, etc.) Additional ETOPS, MNPS, LOWVIS if available

* Good practice is to have all documents in printed copies and electronic format as well.

Need to Prepare

  • Simulator Assessment 

  • Technical Examination Questions

  • Aptitude Tests (logical, mathematical, verbal reasoning) 

  • Group Exercise 

  • English Exam

  • Panel Interview

  • Technical Interview Questions

* As a general Airline Assessment Preparation

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